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The Park Apartments



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Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2014
My roommate and I moved in this August thinking it would be a nice place, close to work, relatively close to school (BSU). We knew going in it wasn't the nicest apartment out there but it seemed nice enough was suitable for a first apartment. Within the first few weeks of living here we regretted our decision. Our first problem was with our VERY noisy neighbors. Not just normal everyday noise but arguments, screaming matches, constant threats by your neighbors girlfriend to call the police on something that was "hiding" under our neighbors bed. We instantly felt unsafe here. Arriving home at night after work or a late class is also a serious concern. The people who wander around this complex make us both feel extremely uneasy. The lackluster lock on the door provides almost no sense of safety either. On one instance there were 8-10 police cars surrounding vehicle directly below my bedroom window. The police had guns drawn, there were tons of police men circled around this car. It was very unsettling to know we are living in a place where things like that happen. We (being two young girls) were assured by management that the complex was safe and neighbors were nice. Clearly we should have done more research because none of that is true. Another big concern is the lighting in the complex. We live on the second floor and the entry way to our apartment (and three others in our building) is so dimly lit at night it's hard to even see the key hole. I'm constantly using the light from my phone to see where I'm going and to check my surroundings. The apartment itself is dated and the carpet has places where it is coming up and nails are visible from poor installation job. The windows are AWFUL as well. Water is constantly leaking through and they hold no heat in. This winter massive amounts of mold has accumulated on the bottom of the window sills. It's absolutely awful. I could ramble on all day about the problems we've had It has been a horrible experience and we are counting down the days until we can finally leave!!!!! I would highly suggest NOT living here!! For the price you can find much, much better in Boise.
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The Park Apartments

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