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The Park Apartments



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Frankog14 • Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2016
The maintenance people here are complete Jenks. Always trying to get yiu for something. Whether it's charging you 50 bucks per cigarette picked up or towing your car because it didn't have plates on it (just bought) or accusing you of your dog apparently attacking other dogs or making rude comments to you. There's also a bunch of Crack heads that not only live here but WORK here (aka brandy). It is so trashy here too. In our master bedroom it looks as though they PAINTED over mold (cheap a-holes couldn't just fix the problem) and also entering our home without prior consent while there was no one home. They also yell at you for going 6 miles per hour instead of 5 because they somehow know. And the old maintenance guy who rides around on his 4 wheeler tearing up the grass is more than likely going 10 miles per hour (but it's okay for him, right?) if the 5th lands on a Sunday and you put your rent in the drop box, they will charge you a late fee because they won't get it till Monday the 6th. They are not professional in any way. Also, the laundry facilities are plain disgusting. Poorly cleaned and not sanitized, dog and human hair everywhere. I would recommend no one ever live here! They gave us a notice saying they were not going to renew our lease (we have lived here for 1 year) and did not give us a reason why, even when we went to the office and asked, they were hesitate to answer and just said they didn't want to. They are very lucky we are respectful enough to clean up the place when we vacate.
The Park Apartments Manager08/22/2017

Full disclosure, I am the owner of Park Apartments. This review has so many falsehoods in it I don't know where to start. We've never charged anyone $50 for a cigarette butt on the ground. We've never towed a vehicle that has a current registration, whether a paperplate in the window or a license plate on the car. The dog did act aggressively towards another dog, and we warned the owner about that behavior. I won't dignify the crack head remark with a comment, but we have changed our entire staff during our term of ownership. We never paint over mold. We never enter an apartment without the Resident's consent or without a proper notice being delivered. We do request our Residents drive no more than 5 mph while on the property for safety reasons with children and pets on the grounds, but we only talk to Residents doing well over 5 mph. We don't post late fees until the morning of the 6th and rent is still not in. If the rent is deposited in the lock box on the 5th, we always enter those payments on the first working day after the 5th before charging late fees. We own 533 apartments and usually have less than 5 to rent at any given time so we must be doing something professionally. Over 100 of our 160 apartments have been substantially upgraded with new appliances, new carpets, new vinyl, new two tone paint , new baseboards, new light fixtures, new faucets, and recovered kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops. We've also added a new children's playground, a BSU themed pool table in the clubhouse, and a new game room with a second game room being put together as we speak. We are also improving the landscaping and the exterior lighting. Come see what we've done! We now have a waiting list!!!

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The Park Apartments

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