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The Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/25/2017
Let me just tell u unfortunately I still live here. of I could afford to move I apart meets have gone down so much in the past few years....I will start with made the no parking signs and other random signs for this property at the price of $280.00 now that was a year and a half ago that after being dicked around from one person to the next I still haven't been staff here is so unprofessional and down right have a maintenance man that takes it upon himself to take all of the assigned parking for himself and knows that no one will say anything because everyone here fears him and his retaliation, so I finally said something and the manager ran straight to him while I was still standing I the office to tell him I have complained about over the weekend the main door to the breezeway wouldn't open so the people on the second floor couldn't get out of the building and they were told by the on call maintenance people that it's not an emergency and they would take care of it on Monday. my question to them was ok if there is a fire here again the people on the second floor get to jump. outside lights are so bad I hope you don't have to take your pets out at night unless u have a flashlight you will not beable to see 2 feet in front of your once again to our friendly staff this maintenance man likes to ask residents to watch his 3 dogs that's right we are only aloud 2 pets but he has 3 so he tells residents here that he will pay them and then accuses them of breaking into his place when he's not he was asked why didn't you call the cops his reply was well only a few things were taken so I just won't pay this resident for not making sure my place was secure....honestly is this the place u want to live and I'm not bullshitting u this is 1week of living at the park apartments place is the absolute lowest of low I have ever lived and I used to live in the ------ in new Orleans and this place still takes the to some it up if u want immature unprofessional people that could care less about u or your family this is a great place for don't get me started about the laundry rooms.....
The Park Apartments Manager08/22/2017

Full disclosure, I am the owner of Park Apartments. My wife and I bought the property on 7/31/15. This Resident mentions a $280 bill that we didn't pay. Let me assure you this bill has been paid. We could not locate any invoice supporting the bill and, based on this posting, we ask the vendor for a copy, received it, and paid it that same day. I don't know if this Resident ever delivered the bill or the prior manager misplaced it. The maintenance man this Resident is referring to does not "...take all of the assigned parking for himself." This is a blatant misstatement. The information about the door being jammed is accurate, and we immediately terminated the maintenance person who was on call and failed to respond. I can walk in the pet areas without any issue day or night. What this Resident fails to mention is that, to date, over 100 of our 160 apartments have been substantially upgraded with new appliances, new carpets, new vinyl, new two tone paint , new baseboards, new light fixtures, new faucets, and recovered kitchen and bathroom vanity countertops. We've also added a new children's playground, a BSU themed pool table in the clubhouse, and a new game room with a second game room being put together as we speak. We are also improving the landscaping and the exterior lighting. Come see what we've done! We now have a waiting list!!! We must be doing something right...

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The Park Apartments

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