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The Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/29/2017
Quick update on The Park - Management just recently switched hands again, and let go of the snooty girl who used to walk around the grounds as if she owned the place - very kind to you while you are applying but a complete turn around as soon as you were signed. I haven't read the other reviews here, but I have seen her mentioned on quite a few other sites. She is gone though, so thats a plus. They seem to be cleaning up the crew. Lots of work is going into the grounds, such as lights going up on the parking spaces so you can see at night (thank goodness) and a lot of yard maintenance, such as ridding of trees and such. They seem to be doing better with the maintenance all together, in the past month repainting all the lines, enforcing rules that need to be in place, etc. Pets are allowed, I haven't had any problem with feces being everywhere, but I also don't walk the grounds very often as I am far too busy during the school year. Rent has gone up incredibly since last year. I was going to downgrade to a 1 bedroom, but my 2 bed 1 bath is now cheaper than a 1 bed 1 bath. Cons - The walls are thin, you can hear your neighbors. The ma below me if fairly loud, although I can't tell if it is just a normal noise level or if the walls are just than thin. The SMOKE SMELL. Obviously the previous owners didn't go too much out of their way to enforce the no smoking in the apartments or in the breezeways, as the outside areas always smell like smoke. I can't even keep my window open at nighttime without risk of second hand (not really, but thats how it feels). I'm hoping the new owners will enforce that a lot harder than the old as it is probably the biggest flaw of living here. Non-smokers shouldn't have to deal with a smoke smell in their own house. Laundry is expensive at 1.50 a wash and 25 cents for 10 minutes of dry time. I go to my parents and do laundry for free just to avoid spending around $10 a time. In the past year, I've done it maybe here 5 times. Far too inconvenient. It also is pretty loud here. Since the walls are so thin, I can constantly here traffic and sirens, which is a no from me. Hopefully the new owners see this and make some changes, but who knows. All I know is that I could rent a HOUSE for the same price as these + laundry, and find a better location.
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The Park Apartments

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