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Cherry Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 03/28/2006
Overall these are great apartments. They are newer and have a "new home" look on the inside. They have big windows that let a lot of light in. Newer appliances and carpet is usually replaced every time a new tenent moves in. Big patio and full-size washer/dryer. bathroom is good sized for an apartment. Air conditioning. At $565 month, id say these are medium priced. But they are good priced considering how nice they are when you compare and shop around. Very quiet places most of the time. <br><br>Now for the negatives. Apartment management can be a bit nosy... yeah. They were always wanting to know who was visiting at my place. <br>This led to me avoiding coming and going places on times they were there. Maintenance can be a bit grumpy... <br><br>The absolute worst though, is that when i first signed the lease, they failed to mention that these are partially subsidized. I WAS told that there would be a yearly inspection to make sure all apartment utilities are functioning and up to safety standards. I was ok with that being that its only once a year. Well, once turned into 4 times within a period of 3 months! I wasn't too happy since i had to take so much time off of work to be there. They say that even if you are not there, they will come in and inspect anyway which i consider a huge privacy invasion - considering there is a stranger alone with my stuff. <br><br>Another issue with the income-limit is that the rent doesnt go down if your income does. But if you make to much then you dont get requalified, which means you have to leave pretty much. (- which happened to me)I know cheaper places that arent subsidized so i dont see the point?<br><br>Parking was ok. 1 registered car with first come first serve parking spots. Some covered some not. Let guests know that they MUST park in guest spots or they WILL get towed!<br><br>Other problems - they only accept money orders. Which is kind of an extra pain.... Also management is rarely and sporadically in office. The office hours mean nothing apparently (supposedly 9-3pm) because several times its been more like 1pm-3pm! This makes any chance of talking to management extremely difficult for people who work - even with the 9-3pm hours!<br><br>So if you can handle all that, and you dont make too much money, then these are great apartments.
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Cherry Ridge Apartments

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