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Boulder Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2017
I have lived here almost 5 years, Pros the neighborhood is good. It is away from most/all general places such as grocery stores and well it could be mostly a quiet area. However, first things to notice is that when first moving in yes they applied new carpet so that was kind of nice. But it took no longer than a day after moving in to find ants like crazy all over the apartment. So if you can deal with ants than it is fine. There have been multiple times a year for them to have to come and try and kill the ants. As living in the bottom of the apartment every step that is made above is heard no matter how small it may be. The walls are very thin so that it makes it easy to hear whatever may be going on in the apartment on either side of you. At first the owners of the place were great they would work with you and try to do their best to help you. They just recently changed owners. And now they no longer accept packages from the post office, which is an agreement they had signed to do so I am not sure how they are able to get away from that but whatever. If you decide to check your mail make sure you do it in the day time when it is light so that you are able to even see the mailbox at night it is very visible. Biggest suggestion before moving in is make sure and have someone check for Black mold. Apparently, for the time being that I have lived here there was a ton of it from the bathroom to the kitchen. That just barely got taken care of. The bottom apartments seem to flood so that is always fun to deal with. The fix for this seemed to be to just lay a new strip of flooring over the old one. In mine alone there was 3 layers of it, which is a fine and easy fix if the floor is completely dry before hand if not well black mold will happen to become an issue. They may hate me for this review and that is fine. I have lived here long enough to say that if you can handle whatever changes get made and you don't mind dealing with the minor details it is a fine place to live. Or even more a roof over your head. Oh and they recently just removed the utility bill from the original of paying the rent altogether with that included.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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