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5713 Garrett Street, Garden City, ID 83714
5713 Garrett Street, Garden City, ID 83714

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Boulder Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/16/2018
Don't do it, just don't. Been here for a year and a half and gone through 3 different management companies each gets worse. Bottom apartments flood and ants are bad. No assigned parking so some tenants have 4 cars (one is not even up to date on registration) so that's an issue. Kids run amuck all hours trashing everything screaming and throwing rocks in the parking lot, maintenance walks right past them and doesn't even say anything. New manager (this past couple months, so just wait another couple months until you get a new one again) is as cold hearted as you can get, kicks anybody complaining (or crying, yes my mother cried and was kicked out and told to come back when she could calm down) out of her office. Water, sewer, trash seems to be near $75 every month and the laundry facility is constantly eating your quarters (costs a family of 4 $150 a month in quarters to do laundry and that's 1 load per person per week). They are dog friendly yay however not a lot of the tenants pick up after them. Tree limb feel on the neighbors truck and she was told to take it up with her insurance, last time I heard from her she was going to be seeking a lawyer. Don't walk, run away.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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