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Boulder Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/10/2019
Im so glad we got out of there. I had a bad feeling about the place in the beginning but we temporarily needed cheap rent. But I didn't think it would be THAT bad. Here is a short list of reasons why I don't recommend this place. 1- SEX OFFENDERS. I did a search online and there were sex offenders living in the complex that I was never notified about. With a child, this is very disturbing. 2- DRUG ADDICTS. Our neighbor would do drugs in the apartment next to us. The cops got called on him about it and he pissed off our other neighbors. Additionally, one time I saw a neighbor got chased down by another for doing drugs and got arrested. 3- COPS. Everywhere. Constantly. In the complex. Especially at night. 4- The pool. It's not properly maintained, and they advertise a working hot tub. News flash- it doesn't work. It doesn't even have water in it. 5. TREES FALLING ONTO PEOPLES CARS. Ask anyone who has lived there last winter. It happened on at least 2 occasions. 6. Who paints over counters and cabinets with such cheap paint? If you ever are graced with going inside one of these apartments, you'll see what I mean. You could lay a bag of bread on the counter and the ink would transfer. But they are too cheap to remodel. 7. KIDS RUNNING AROUND CONSTANTLY. Who in their right mind would let their little kids run around in an area like that? By THEMSELVES. Seriously. Especially on chinden road. That is an accident waiting to happen. And some of those kids are really, truly disrespectful. 8. THE DUMPSTER. IS CONSTANTLY FULL. 9. The shared laundry room is way too small for the amount of tenants, and doesn't have a coin machine. 10. ANTS. 2 of my neighbors tried to have them do something about it but they wouldn't. I didn't even bother to try. There were even ants in the bathroom it was disgusting. I constantly had to wipe down surfaces. I could go on with my grievances but I will say 2 positive things. I don't want it to seem like the glass is totally empty. This is why I gave it one star and not zero, lol. 1- The property manager is extremely smart, nice and helpful. She definitely tries her best and that is clear. I know she is not the owner so I don't blame her, these matters are probably out of her hands. 2- The rent is cheap. While I don't think these apartments are worth what they are going for, they are very affordable for the treasure valley and my family was able to get through a hard financial time in them. We live in a house now. And honestly, I've always had a bitter taste in my mouth for apartments. Hopefully my family will not have to live in an apartment again.
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Boulder Creek Apartments

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