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Turnberry Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/22/2009
I have lived here in the turnberrys for a pretty long time. I am not pleased with the present management for the following reasons: 1) The laundry facility is only open until 5 pm. (which doesnt make any sense because most people are getting off work around this time.) 2)Pets are suddenly not allowed. My family had two previous companion notes for the animal which we have had in the family for a while now. Management conviently lost both of the notes resulting us having to once again get another one. We had a three day notice to get rid of our animal. We asked for a little bit more time and our animal ended up in the pound. We had to pay 40 dollars to get it out. 3)The work out room and community room are off limits and the computer room they speak of is non existant. 4)If your kid gets in a fight on the play ground it will most likely result in a lease violation. 5)Managment cares little about the people that live here. The customer service sucks to put it bluntly! However, This complex is kid friendly including a play ground with lots of grass and a sand box. The people are friendly who live here and it has a beautiful view of the sky from the windows. There are lots of trees and its beautiful when they bloom in the summer.
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Turnberry Apartments

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