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Pointe Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2020
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Office Staff
UPDATE: New people moved in. They let their pit bull run loose at night and it has pooped in the middle of the sidewalk, where it stayed. Their visitor came with a pitbull and let it run loose while they worked on 2 pickups and a huge SUV at the same time. As I type, they are working on 2 trucks with smoke blowing everywhere, including going into an apartment's bedroom window. The truck is backed in. Yesteerday they worked on 3 vehicles at least 2 1/2 hours. They revved the engines a lot of that time. Now they're back at it. Twice other people came and the tenant worked on their car. So we now live in an auto repair shop. There's also 4 non-working vehicles parked on that side of the building taking up spaces we could use. They are close to the building so we have to walk farther away. If you don't live in the 2 handicapped apartments,& the people in them aren't handicapped, you can use them but you have to pay $25 a month, just like under the carport costs.If you like screaming (adults and kids), stomping, laundry & blasting TVs in middle of the night and hearing the f word all the time, you will like it here.
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Pointe Apartments

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