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3720 West Tayjan Lane, Post Falls, ID 83854
3720 West Tayjan Lane, Post Falls, ID 83854

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Silver Creek I



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 05/24/2015
I'm surprised at some of the other reviews. I lived there almost two years and loved it. There are some tenants who complain... but most are friendly and easy to get along with. I like the managers. Yes, they changed managers 4 times during my stay, but all were sweet and friendly people. Maintenance staff is friendly as well. I don't see this apartment building as being any worse than any other large apartment building. The apartments are for low-income seniors over age 55 plus a few younger disabled people are allowed in. You will hear your neighbors occasionally; walls between apartments aren't insulated, unfortunately, but if you're a low income senior why not be grateful you have an affordable roof over your head rather than having to live at the Union Gospel Mission? Rents are based on the tenant's income. The apartments are only a few years old and the kitchens are gorgeous with energy saving appliances. Stove, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher are all provided, plus there's a nice pantry. All windows are double-paned. Energy bills are low - expect about $50 - $60 during winter. One caution: it is true that sometimes the water heater pipes break during winter freezes, and if the people above you have their pipes break it will probably flood your outdoor storage area, so be careful what you put in there. Every apartment has washer/dryer hookups but some apartments only accommodate the stacking washer/dryer while other apartments will hold side-by-side appliances. One drawback - if you don't have a car, it is a long way to the nearest big supermarket though there's a truck stop not far away. Grocery selection there is pathetic but it also contains a Subway and next to that there's a McDonalds... and a bit further down the street, a nice Mexican restaurant. Anyhow, I recommend these apartments. I think a few of the other reviews here were a bit harsh. There are a lot of people in the building that have been there since it opened and they aren't complaining.
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Silver Creek I

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