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Silver Creek I



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aptdwellertoo • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2013
One of the worse places I've lived. The manager picks & chooses who can break the rules & who can't. Her friends get special parking spaces & privileges. Parking is not assigned. The building is just a little over a year old & most people have been evicted or just got fed up & moved out. Some apt.s are on their 3rd tenant. Dogs bark constantly when their owners leave, in some apt.s. Not everyone picks up after their dog. Management has inspected 3 times in 8 months & investors once or twice in that time. There's another inspection in May. They even look in your refigerator! There is a door in the master BR leading to the balcony. Air comes in a lot of those doors, so the BR is cold. The laundry closet is also in that BR, and it is on the outside wall, so it is cold in there, too. Management changed the filters 2 mo.s after the last time just so they could see who was smoking in their apt.. She has entered people's apt.s without their permission. You can't have anyone move in with you for 6 mo.s, so don't get married! Tenants call it a prison. The manager accosted a tenant in the elevator in front of another tenant. They tell you what your apt.# is when you apply, and sometimes give you a different one when you sign the lease. Tenants live in fear of getting evicted for anything the manager may say or think they did wrong. They don't have to prove what they say you did. Quite a few people will be moving soon when the weather is better. There are very few original tenants left. Legal Aid has dealt with them for evictions, refusing to return deposits, & other things. They will charge an arm & a leg for anything they fix when you move out. $2 a hole from pics on the wall, $380 to clean a 1-3 BR, PLUS $120 for cleaning the carpet. Three apt.s got water in them when a sprinkler popped. They may have mold/mildew in them. The good things are: about 20 channels of cable are free, and utilities on the 2nd & 3rd floors seem to be cheap. Rent at your own risk!
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Silver Creek I

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