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Silver Creek I



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/27/2013
Avoid, avoid, avoid! Silver Creek may look decent on the outside, however, the management has absolutely ruined what could be a nice apartment complex for seniors only. The onsite managers are just terrible. They both run the place like a concentration prison camp. They make up their own rules and threaten people with eviction. Several tenants have called the police for harassment. Somerset has received multiple complaints and could be facing legal trouble. Just in one year they evicted at least 5 or 6 tenants. Other tenants have moved out before their lease expired just to get away. There is no assigned parking so tenants are always fighting over spaces by the front door. During the day there is nonstop noise. Pets are allowed so dogs are always barking. There is no privacy from your neighbors. You can hear noise like television, toilets, talking, and coughing. The grounds are maintained but nothing fancy. Landscaping is still incomplete as of 2013. Construction quality is a joke. Everything is plain, basic, and cheap. The carpet is ugly and impossible to clean. The doors have huge gaps and don't seal very well so there's always a draft. The maintenance crew is lazy and not qualified. The biggest complaint is an alarming rate of inspections. I had 5 inspections in less that one year even though my lease said no more than 2 inspections per year. They love to snoop around and invade your personal space. The only positive thing is that rent is cheap and basic utilities are included; water, trash, and free basic television. They do have onsite laundry and exercise rooms too. Do yourself a favor and avoid this gestapo community. You'll either move out within a year or get evicted, and you probably won't get your deposit back either. This is not a place to call home and it's not a place for active seniors. The best decision i ever made was moving out of that horrible apartment.
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Silver Creek I

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