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Alpine Chalet



Resident · 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Absolutely terrible, what else can i say? I stayed here mainly because of their "gym" if it even deserves to be called that... The place is a dump, if you, like me are looked at it because of the gym, pool, and hot tub look somewhere else. The gym equipment is all low end, unless all you use is free weights. While the pool is decent, the hot tub is not, "no girls allowed" is posted on the door, and lets be honest what is the point of a hot tub if you cant have girls in there with you??? ------------------------------. Anyways, for the sake of not being completely negative, i will give alpine chalet this, they have nice common areas, however they are ALWAYS crowded which ruins it. The bathrooms are terrible, floors dirty, and absolutely terrible maintenance crews. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!! I know this sounds petty but even the front steps leading into alpine chalet are messed up, trust me when you walk up them you'll agree, i have never seen messed up steps before but these are. they are to long to do in one stride but to short to do in two, it may not sound important but trust me walking up and down them every day will piss off even the most patient person every day for three months. i mention the steps issue just to show how absolutely ever part of this place is terrible. If you choose to stay here, you are crazy and i will pray for you ;). 1/10 no joke. oh and internet is terrible, it takes 5 minutes just to load facebook and literally 30 minutes for the latest 21 minute segment of a tv show if you watch it online (30 minutes as in press play and pause it for 30 minutes then come back, otherwise it stops every 5-10 segments) it is like this most of the year. HIGHLIGHTS: -Bad internet -Hot tub and gym useless -Disgusting rooms -Messed up front steps (trust me you'll see...) -Bad location -Laundry rooms almost always crowded -VERY limited parking --(1/10 choose another place to stay)--
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Alpine Chalet

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