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Baronnessa Apartments



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jessicathespaz • Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/25/2010
These apartments are very old and falling apart. But, they are very cheap. I did not love living there. It was very crammed for space. But, I mostly lived there cause of my roommates. The manager Meredith was absolutley rude. I was shocked at the way she treated me. I was the only tenant staying in the apartment and all my room mates had moved out. However, they had all left some of their stuff. When Meredith saw this she asked me to take care of it. I had just started my day and I was not ready and had not eaten. I also had plans with my boyfriend. She returns shortly. She became extremely angry and started to look over my shoulder and forced me to throw things away. She was demeaning and talked to me like a child. She did not even ask me if I wanted to call the past tenanats to take care of it. She said thate whenever there is a remaining girl in an apartment they want to take up all the space and that I could not do that. I stayed calm and I told her it was not my stuff and that was not my intention. I was not responsible for things and yet she threw that responsibilty on my shoulder. I left the apartment for a second and she proceeded to throw away anything that I indicated was not mine. She even threw away some of my things. Her children were there watcing here lose her temper and treat her tenant like dirt. I talked to one of my old roommates that told me that she had been rude like this to many of her other room mates. She told me that people would do all they could to not be the last person because she would treat them all so rudely like she did to me.
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Baronnessa Apartments

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