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Baronnessa Apartments



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Amouseanon • Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2011
The apartment condition is not very good, siding and baseboard cracked and falling apart, carpet is very worn and stained, couches are relatively new and nice, comes with a medium sized flat screen TV monitor. windows tend to freeze open or shut. Apartment tends to overheat itself. Only one fridge.2 bathrooms with external double vanity. Cable TV is included as well as internet. Internet quality is good,but you must sign back on every day as it shuts off automatically at 3am. The other tenants are relatively quiet and very amicable. Occasionally loud, but friendly environment. RA's do not really actively perform clean checks (this may or may not be problematic)and are very relaxed in checking when they do check. Management is helpful and informative concerning signing contracts and making payments, but does not get involved with roommate mediation. This duty will be conferred to another authority if necessary. Parking is difficult in winter as the lines are obscured with snow and ice. Occasionally there is not enough parking. The parking lot floods intermittently. Often there is no unobstructed path through the roundabout due to poorly parked cars, which is subsequently due to poorly defined parking areas.
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Baronnessa Apartments

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