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Cambridge Court Apartments



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JANE57 • Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/22/2010
Cambridge is okay. Nice apartments, horrible management. Of course their managers are typical college students so they are busy themselves and are not professional. They charge you 100 dollars just to sell your contract. They charge you for little holes in the walls, not returning a parking sticker ( a tiny tiny sticker on a car we got rid of). They walked into my house when I was home in my pajamas because I didn't answer the door! They're horrible! Like most places probably do, your rent goes up every new lease 20-30 dollars. They booted our new cars in the parking lot after we just got them because we hadn't got a parking permit yet! (including my dads car when he came to stay, at the neighbors friends car who was just parked their to help move stuff in) So had to pay to take the boot off.(twice) Can hear the neighbors when in the bathroom or close to their bedroom wall. live on the top floor so dont know if living below brings more noise from upstair neighbors. Our heat bill in the winter wasn't bad though. we Kept it on 70 and our bill was no more than 25 dollars.
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Cambridge Court Apartments

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