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Lexington Apartments



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Jeffrey Hoover • Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2014
My wife and I were residents at Lexington Apartments from January 2014 - August 2014. We'd like to be as honest as possible about the experience we had while we lived here. I'll break it up in to sections. Management- ------------- are actually very helpful, we appreciated the attention that they showed to us during the time that we lived there. We understand that they receive direction from Axiom, which is the company that owns the property, so many of the decisions that are made may not be completely made by -------------. I was pleased with ----'s willingness to help and direct when the apartments were flooded in July, and he was relatively quick to respond before then with anything that was needed for apartment maintenance. One thing that I did notice is that it seemed like at times management seemed a little unorganized with their tenants, such as not making notes about tenant requests and following up with them. I also wasn't too pleased with the 90 $ "cleaning fee" we were charged for an apartment that had previously been flooded a few weeks before. I can't imagine they wanted us to clean the mess that the workers who were fixing the flooding damage left in the apartments when we left them.Overall, I consider the service provided by management as satisfactory with room for improvement in organization and empathy. Quality of Living- This was VERY poor. The apartments are unkempt, and when you live there for a period of 3 months or more, you begin to realize it. The paint jobs are streaky and poorly done. The cabinetry and appliances are outdated and didn't function at times. The heating is old and will cost you another 60 $ on top of the 500 you pay, during the winter. For new tenants, be aware that the pads under the carpet, some sheet rock, and some of the wooden beams in the wall were the only things replaced/fixed after the flood. You WILL have problems with mold, GUARANTEED, and I really do worry about structural problems in the future for these apartments because of the extensive water damage that was done. The bathroom is in the bedroom, which is inconvenient when you have company over. If you have a heavy rain, be prepared to have to barricade your home with sandbags and move your car. The doors are not sealed and bugs get in very often during the summer (lots of ants in the rock outside the apartments). The internet connection is very poor and very slow, and you cannot stream video at all. If you are in an apartment on the bottom floor, you will be able to hear your upstairs neighbors (even talking) during quiet times. The dryer and washing units are very poor, and we could never dry our week's worth of clothes with one drying cycle (you will spend another 15 dollars a month on this at least). Location - Upside is that the apartments are very close to the southern side of campus, 0.6 miles to be exact (like a 12 min walk). If you are religious, the ward here is absolutely great. We felt like people here inherently look out for each other and made friendships there that will last a lifetime. You really don't have to worry about noise unless Northgate throws a party; you will then hear music until about 1am. Your not too close to town, so you will need a car to travel and get groceries and run errands. I hope this review was helpful. We tried to be fair with what we said, and hope you can be better educated by reading :)
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Lexington Apartments

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