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Lexington Apartments



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scox1181 • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2015
Honestly like parts of these apartments, but not everything. The kitchen is a branch off to the living room and it very small. I love to cook and there is no room! Both bedroom and living room are good size especially if you are newly weds. Everything is really old. I wish there was a dishwasher because I HATE doing dishes by hand. Next is the bad aspects. In the summer and Fall it is really hot and there is no air-conditioning, but this is rexburg so I guess people don't have them in every building. Second we have a dog. Not only did our neighbors tell the management that we did without asking us if we had a doctors note, but our dog had been barking for 30 min and they warned us if she did it again they would charge us 300 bucks. Thats like the whole deposit. The office also made us get another doctors note. Get all of her shot register her with the city. it was a lot of work and had to done in a week before they were going to charge us. Our neighbors are nice! But if your wanting to go with the bottom stairs you better prepare for hearing a LOT of sex. Maybe it just my neighbors but I literally can't fall asleep because of how loud they are. They also never send you a bill for your appt and charge you late fees when you forget. Anyways safe to say we are moving out!
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Lexington Apartments

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