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Lexington Apartments



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2012
Summer Time was great! Things worked Fine the door in the front and window in the back gave a good breeze. This is short lived. As soon as it gets cold the walls sweat, a dehumidifier will help keep things dry but soon we have learned that Black Mold is growing on the back of the walls, ceiling in the bathroom, Corners along the wall to ceiling, even on the carpet. We will spray vinegar or Clorox but nothing will get rid of the mold. Our apartment was clean when we moved in. I am a painter and could see where they have painted patches in the ceiling, they are now peeling and we can see mold behind it and through the cracks on the edge of the shower. Black Mold grows immune when it is treated for a long time with the same stuff. Winter has approached here and we are getting sick, Saralynn is the off site manager, rumor says she is sick but the main thing is that will not respond to any form of communication. When we came here it took her over a month to get back to us, just to move in. There was nothing open and this was in our price range but that was a mistake. We have soon learned the consequences of Black Mold. Horrible for pregnant women and children, over time it can pass through the cilia in your throat and actually establish itself in your lungs, making it almost impossible to remove. This video Documentary may help you understand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dkMK8Mbts8 There is no law in the state of Idaho to protect Renters in regaurds to Black Mold. There are laws in other states like california and Oregon but not here. My wife and I have talked to the Owner, Saralynn and the on site manager Carrie. They have started to repair some of the apartments. We looked through the window and they did rip down some of the sheet rock and kitchen cupboards but I don't know if that is enough. I think it will just come back. If it is worth it to you then ask for one of those only if you need a cheaper apartment or get on a waiting list somewhere else and live here as only middle ground in the summer. We thought by cleaning the mold when we saw it, it would keep us safe, we have soon learned that the heaters just blow the mold from behind the walls into our bedroom living room and bathroom, putting it into the air and into our lungs. Internet is wireless and in apartment. Wireless is worthless because it gets bogged down during school. We bought a router and hooked it up in our apartment and that seems to work fine. Laundry services do not work very well, especially the dryer. There is however a Magic Suds around the corner. One way to help live here are Hepa Filters, You can get a air filter system for about 100 dollars and the filters are about 50-60 dollars a piece, and you have to change them often. There is another by EcoQuest Living Air it costs about 500 dollars but it is a good machine and will last a long time. It has a sanitation feature that can kill mold in the apartment. If you have any legal questions refer to this document, it will discuss what our rights are as renters. http://www.ag.idaho.gov/publications/consumer/LandlordTenant.pdf Also if you have any other questions contact James Gordon (Bishop for Lexington Apartments) You can find his email on the BYU-I website in the directories.
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Lexington Apartments

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