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Lexington Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/29/2013
I lived in lexington. it was the cheapest on the market and it was only my wife and I. it worked great for our needs, we had a close knit community because of the proximity and friendliness of our neighbors. i think with out the awesome neighbors and ward i would have not have enjoyed it. the kitchen was too small, basically it is the hall between your front room and your bedroom. there is room for an oven, a sink, and a fridge on the other side. if you want a toaster or a microwave you should install shelving the manger jake was pretty cool about that. I thought it was a decent price when i was there, since i have left rent has gone up $25 a month and the laundry charges more to wash your clothes. if it was me now i do not think i would move back because of the increased prices of everything from rent to laundry, it just does not seem that they have boosted the quality of the place since they increased the rent. I know international students have problems at Lexington. I just seems that when it comes time to move they get charged for the weirdest things. if you are an international student DO NOT STAY HERE!!! but if you are not then don't worry
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Lexington Apartments

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