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Northpoint Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/19/2019
Let me get this out here. Yes, the Building looks nice, and the photos on their disfunctional website look nice, but there is little sunshine and no rainbows around these apartments. I have called multiple times to attain a visitor parking pass for the the weekends I drive two and a half hours from Utah to visit my girlfriend who lives here. Never have they answered and not being able to get ahold of them over the phone, I asked my GF to try to get one for me. The office was always closed every time she went over, even though the sign on the door said they should be there. I stayed one night, past the curfew of 1am and I went to my car around 1:17am to get something from my car, and the next morning, I had a boot on my tire (which scratched my wheels up) with a violation time of 1:19am!! Now I know NorthPoint doesn't do the parking enforcement themselves, but really guys!! $90 because I couldn't for the life of me get ahold of you!! Also, the signs that tell you you are going to be towed and booted, you have to be at least a foot from to read because the text is so small, and they are half way up the pillars. Every time I have come up, the stairwells and hallways have been dirty, and once there where three lights out in the stairwell. Maintenance has always been poor from what I've noticed, as there is alwady skmesomet wrong. I know that the oven in often doesn't heat to the temperature you set it to, and the thermostat has no consistency. Also in the amenities building, one set of bathrooms has been out of order two weeks in a row for some undisclosed reason. Another complaint I've heard from both my girlfriend and a long time friend who lives there too is that one, the mail is never in time, and that if you are expecting anything that needs to be signed for, management will magically be there to say that you don't live in the apartments, and will make the item disappear.
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Northpoint Apartments

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