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Rexburg Plaza Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/11/2015
My husband and I have lived in these apartments for several years. The maintenance man is a sweetheart. He is always keeping the grounds nice and he gets to things that need repaired as soon as he can. Usually a few days after you put in the request. Melinda, the manager is hardly ever here. She is rude and does play favorites. Sometimes she doesn't even keep your appointments with her. It's better to hunt her down when she is here and talk to her then. She is not very pleasant to talk to. We were gone once for a job that lasted a few months. She did inspections while we were gone. We didn't even know. The morning we got back she did a surprise inspection and told us in person we had a week to clean it up ( from all the stuff we brought back and dumped in our living room and other places from being gone and hadn't put away yet) or we would be kicked out. Technically she is supposed to do that in writing. Another time she got angry and yelled at me because I had drawings made of chalk on the walls (easily washes off) and told me to get rid of them because it was "changing the apartment" or some such nonsense. I was astonished that a manager would yell at a tenant. Melinda likes to run this like a military camp. Everything must always be clean when she inspects otherwise she yells at you. Melinda isn't all bad. She does do a good job keeping up on the paperwork for the most part and having things organized. We can't wait to move because of her.
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Rexburg Plaza Apartments

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