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235 West 4th South, Rexburg, ID 83440
235 West 4th South, Rexburg, ID 83440

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Rockland Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/02/2012
I lived in the apartment by the pool, and you can always hear everyone anytime they use the pool. You can hear the people above you easily. Owners are ridiculous: Provide small amount of visitor parking and when visitors park in (ample) tenant spots (even when the lot isn't even half full) visitors are extremely likely get booted (even if your family comes to visit you for 20 minutes, and I swear that's NOT even an exaggeration), so you get to pay $50 which is great because as a student, you $50 is chump change right? Back to my apartment, it is really small, even uncomfortable with squeezing 4 guys (2 per room) in an apartment and sharing one bathroom the size of a closet. My apartment is basically all broken down. Doorknobs are on the verge of falling out, shoddy paint job, entertainment is about to fall apartment, our one and only very tiny kitchen drawer falls out, the oven storage doesn't slide in and out properly, there aren't enough outlets, the manager's change frequently which causes issues with things such as what days you can use the laundry facilities (which other tenants tend to be highly inconsiderate about understanding that other tenants need to use the machines) on and wreaks havoc with clean checks which can result in getting fined if your apartment is not clean. Sure you get basic cable and internet but the channels are garbage and the internet is a huge pain in the butt to use (they use a company that requires you to log in and limits your devices) The ward that I'm in is terrible. The only positive thing about this hobbit hole is that I knew all my roommates long before coming here (friends from home), but as a current tenant and after I move following this semester, I would NEVER EVER recommend Rockland to anyone, EVER!! It is worth paying more money and going elsewhere. There are definitely better places for close to the same price that are not a part of Rexburg Housing. What a bunch of garbage. I can't wait to move!!!! Seriously, look somewhere else!
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Rockland Apartments

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