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235 West 4th South, Rexburg, ID 83440
235 West 4th South, Rexburg, ID 83440

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Rockland Apartments



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biggbear86 • Resident 2012 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 05/16/2013
Rockland is simple which is why i find it so appealing. It is nothing special. There is a medium size pool next to the lounge as well as a mediocre weight room, all next to the lounge. Inside the lounge is a piano/keyboard, billiards table, a Foosball table and a ping pong table. The lounge is quaint, providing enough room to house all of the previously mentioned activities plus allow for 6-8 people to comfortably watch TV. They have basic cable available to the lounge TV as well as all the individual apartments. The internet from fall 2012 and before was absolutely horrendous and was the worst internet experience i have ever encountered. Just before the spring 2013 semester started, the switched to a new provider, "Optix". It is SIGNIFICANTLY better than before and is actually really good. (I stream videos, as well as play games online via Xbox and PC, and it works great!) (for the 6 man apartments) The bathrooms are small but do the job. The sinks have to be in the hall to make enough room for the shower and toilet. A little odd, but not that big a deal. The water temperature setting is fantastic, providing either scorching hot water, or darn near freezing and everywhere in between for any faucet in the complex. The hot water can run out kind of quickly, but with 6 people its not that surprising. Time your showers right and you wont have any problems. The kitchens have adequate cupboard space providing plenty of storage for everyone in the apartment. The problem i faced my first semester was one fridge for 6 people. It was incredibly crowded and we often had to give up items we would normally have bought to make sure everyone had room. My second semester (current) we are in a apartment with 2 fridges and it is almost infinitely better. There is no sacrificing of space or items and we even have some space left over. If you can, I STRONGLY suggest you get an apartment with 2 fridges. The living room is fine. The TV's are old (relative to technology) but do the job. I would add and emphasize that the heating in the apartments are phenomenal, but the AC is lacking. Literally. There is NO AC! The tenants are however, permitted to have Window units (Window AC),which if you have one makes up for it. My first semester i was kind of disappointed in maintenance. We had an issue with the stove (the stoves are electric by the way)in which one of the burners would not work. The guy who came to fix the problem replaced a part without trouble shooting the problem. Needless to say the problem was not fixed and we called him back 3 times. Each time, he refused to ascertain what the actual problem was, but simply guessed what it could be. We had all but given up, when i ended up talking to the manager (currently Nicole) and she wrote it down and a new maintenance guy came to check on the problem and fixed it immediately. Since that time i have had any and all issues taken care of quickly, and with no problems. The manager is eager and willing to see that all problems are fixed immediately. The Managerial staff is fantastic! I feel like no matter the problem i can go and ask for anything and they will do everything they can to help. They seem as though they truly want to see us each happy. (SIDE NOTE: for those of you who are unaware, the position of manager is a ward calling, not a job they have applied for, meaning they have no obligation to make us happy and yet they do anyways! Keep that in mind) I can't speak highly enough of the mangers. Nicole is AWESOME! I honestly have barley talked to her husband but he seems super chill. To give you an idea, i once did something that i was clearly NOT supposed to do and did it anyways. The guilt became too much and so i went and told Nicole AND SHE APOLOGIZED TO ME! She had nothing to be sorry for and had every right to chew me out and she was still super nice about the whole thing. I can't say enough good things about Nicole. The parking lot is a little congested and their are significant potholes all along the front of the building right next to the curb. This came as a result of the power going out in the fall 2012 semester and the guys who came to fix the power lines underground, did a terrible job repatching the asphalt. It has yet to cause any actual parking issues, but it looks terrible. Otherwise the parking is mediocre at best. I like Rockland because it meets all my needs and is relatively inexpensive. If you like all the bells and whistles and super nice furnishings that other apartments have to offer, this is NOT the place for you, but if you don't need much and are looking to save some money, while still living in a decent place Rockland is an excellent choice. In summation PROS -great staff -lots to do in the lounge -great internet -inexpensive CONS -Parking lot looks terrible -some apartments only have 1 fridge for 6 guys -a 15 minute walk (Minimum) to any class if you walk to school) -NO AC!
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Rockland Apartments

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