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The Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/01/2015
If it was at all possible to give an overall zero stars I would have. My wife and I have had such a bad experience since we've been here, everything about these apartments are super cheap, you don't get anywhere near what you pay for! The management is a joke, they are on some kind of power trip. Every month they send out a "news letter", which is basically their time to tell all of us tenants how we are pissing them off. They say they are pet friendly, and I guess they are if you don't mind paying a $400 deposit that you might only see $150 of when you move out if there's zero damage. Then as if that wasn't enough money, they charge an additional $25 a month that also doesn't contribute to damages. Don't you even think about letting you dog touch the grass, if the management even thinks your dog is taking care of business they will yell at you, you are required to force you dog to resist its urges and take them to a designated gravel area. Our dog was very confused and had a hard time going potty there. The management always threatens the tenants with their dog poop DNA test, so don't even think about leaving any surprises for them or they'll get you. And finally they will give you a fine if you dog is off its leash. I'm a little confused with where all that money goes, because it definitely doesn't go into the grounds upkeep. The last snow storm we had was horrible, the parking lot and sidewalks were a disaster. Because of this, my wife slipped and broke her tail bone. A little salt would go a long way! As for the neighbors, you can hear EVERYTHING! From solo concerts to full conversations between spouses, every time our neighbor above us walks above us, it sounds like they're going to fall though our ceiling. Good luck trying to find a decent parking spot around your unit, the parking lot is always super full. The managements solution to this problem, charge the tenants an additional $20 ish dollars a month to guarantee a spot by your unit. Otherwise you're S.O.L
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The Village

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