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The Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/09/2016
We would have stayed at the village for another 3 years until we graduate if it weren't for the management. My wife and I really loved the apartments themselves and the neighbors around us. Really, its a nice place to live as far as the everything goes, except for the management. Really, the biggest issue is that it seems that all they care about is money, and not the tenants at all. We get this impression because there are fees and fines at every turn. For example, In the parking rules, they say that if you park in a stall that isn't yours, your car will be booted (fee). If you park too far forward in the stall and obstruct the sidewalk, you will be booted (fee). If you park too far back in the stall and obstruct traffic, you will be booted (fee). If you have a pet, they take a DNA sample when you move in. If your pet uses the bathroom on the grass while you aren't paying attention, so you don't know to clean it, and then they come by and pick it up, they send a sample of its waste to the lab to see who's pet did its business on the lawn. Guess who gets a $ 200 fine for the first offense (150 or the lab fees, 50 for your actual fine). Yep, you. That's on top of your $250ish non refundable pet deposit (that doesn't cover any damages your pet might actually do to the apartment), and the extra rent that you pay each month to have a pet (which also doesn't cover damage). Live on the 3rd floor? That's an extra $15 to rent each month. Moving out? Hope you get everything cleaned perfectly. If not, they threaten extra fines. Sure, we understand that their job is to keep the place nice. We just don't like that they use threats of extra charges (to already poor college students) to make everyone be obedient. If the office would learn that you get more flies with honey (real honey, not fake, looks nice and sweet on the surface honey) than vinegar, this really would be the best place to live in Rexburg.
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The Village

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