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The Village



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ashnico • Resident 2008 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 04/09/2013
My husband and I lived at The Village for 5 years and loved it. The entire property is extremely well maintained and nice, unlike most complexes in town that are run-down and dirty. The parking lot is professionally cleaned and sealed regularly and prompt snow removal in the winter. Some of of the buildings have more parking in front than others. The manager, Lisa, is to-the-point but respectful and friendly; she remembered our names and which apartment we were in. She was always available and willing to work with us on anything we needed. One weekend in the summer our A/C stopped working and we submitted a request to have it fixed. Lisa called us on a SUNDAY asking if we needed fans until it could be fixed the next day. She really goes above and beyond to make sure tenants are comfortable, you just have to let her do her job. The maintenance staff is professional and friendly and things are fixed as soon as possible. Over the years we had several different neighbors move in and out around us; some neighbors were really loud and others we barely noticed. How much noise you hear really depends on the people you live around, like at any complex. A lot of reviewers have complained about the "pages" of clean-out checklist. The only reason the list is so long is because it lists every, single thing that should be cleaned and vacuumed (ie "vacuum carpet" is listed separately for every room). Most of the items on the list are common sense to anyone who cleans. I think it's rude to move out of an apartment and leave your mess and dust behind; no one should be expected to clean up after you. The cleaning list also makes it so the apartment you move into is spotless. While we didn't have any pets while living at The Village, I think the pet policy is fair and reasonable; a pet deposit is required (as a safeguard against any possible damage done by your pet) and the DNA testing of the poop should only be a problem for you if you are in the practice of letting your dog poop anywhere and leaving it there. They don't like you to store garbage and other stuff on your balcony, if you have one. This keeps the whole community looking clean and not like a junkyard, apparently other reviewers had a problem with that. We recommend this complex to anyone who likes having a clean place to live and wants to be treated like a responsible adult. It's a great place to live and our family was sad to leave.
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The Village

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