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Waterford Place Apartments

313 West Happfield Drive

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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bralsa • Resident 2016 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/09/2019
I feel it incumbent upon me to shed light on Waterford's shady business practices. To provide some context, I lived at Waterford for about 3 years, was never late with rent, kept an impeccably clean apartment, and was not noisy. In other words, I was a model tenant. But within 30 days of me moving out, Waterford contacts me to see if I wanted to extend my lease (which I had already extended twice before, but this time I was looking to move out permanently.) I told Waterford I was looking to move out at which time Waterford told me that because I didn't give them 60 days notice, they were going to charge me a $2000 fine! Even though Waterford said I signed a contract, I thought this was a complete slap in the face to an otherwise model tenant, especially considering Waterford contacted me within the 60 day time frame to see about renewal. The $2000 fine is also unnecessary when you figure that I did not end my lease within the first year, since I lived there for 3 years. The exorbitant fee was also unnecessary considering Waterford has full capacity and a revolving door of tenants, and would most likely be able to fill my apartment without any problems. I am trying to warn anyone who may want to live at Waterford to steer clear and PLEASE do not live there for fear that you give them a 30 day warning that you will not extend your lease and then they charge you $2000! This fee is a complete joke considering it should be implied that if your lease ends on a certain date, that the tenant will not be renewing their lease UNLESS they decide to stay. Why should we, as tenants, remind management within 60 days of the lease expiring that, "Oh yeah, by the way, you know how my lease expires January 1st? Yeah, I am still going to be moving out on that day." It seems redundant and unnecessary if you ask me.
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Waterford Place Apartments

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