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480 Garfield Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/14/2014
480 Garfield Avenue, Aurora, IL 60506 The follow property is managed by Realty & Mortgage Co. 480 Garfield Studio (Aurora, IL) is anything, but cozy. I'm sure most people who visit there walk away shaking their heads and all they want to do is forget they'd ever gone there. So, they don't write a review. But seeing no reviews on this place, I wondered why. I was looking for an apartment myself, so visited 480 Garfield, in Aurora, Illinois hoping it was nice. It was horrible. First, the outside of the building is unappealing in a remote location. There is paper, falling down, taped to the windows from the inside. The glass was dirty also, Next, once you get inside of this building, you get the smell of it, very bad, which feels like its sticking to your clothing, and the reason it smells so bad is that no one mops the place or sanitizes it, that I assume is because they have no respect or concern for their tenants. The hallways were dirty and not well-lit, smelled bad. The carpeting looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 10 years or more, filthy. There was no trash on the floor in the hallways, though. I was shown what they called a studio, but it wasn't. There was a kitchen with a stove refrigerator and cabinets. Then there was the foyer or hall leading to the door. If you want to sleep there, you'd be sleeping in the hall in front of the door. Very unsafe. The bathroom, had a wooden bench in the shower, no tub whatsoever and that wooden bench had soap and a shaver, if I'm not mistaken from some other tenant I assume. It all looked very unsanitary. Wood holds germs. They knew ahead of time that people were coming and didn't even bother to prepare the place for a showing. There was dirt on the carpet, which needed replacing and the place had an odor. If they didn't bother to clean it to show to prospective tenants, would their janitorial service be on point? I wonder. Next, there was no storage space and the carpet on the floor was dingy and filthy. Like I said this was not a studio and the square footage was maybe 275 square feet. Next, I was shown a 1 bedroom, which was more like a studio with a tiny bedroom space. It was awful, too. No tub, just a shower and the space was so small and poorly planned that the refrigerator couldn't fit in the kitchen, but was at the front door as you walk in.
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480 Garfield Apartments

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