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480 Garfield Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2019
Absolutely horrible! Just a few things to be aware of: The fire alarm goes off at least once a week well past 10pm. There is no manager onsite so it's basicly a free for all. The halls, elevator, and apartments all smell of cigarettes and weed. The person who runs the property (lu) doesn't ever return calls even if you need a repair. The cops are there basicly as much as the fire department. The "parking lot" it not lit and hardly plowed so you're forced to park on the street. They do construction on the bottom half of the building at all hours as well. Trash will build up and blow everywhere. Not to mention they changed the locks on all the main doors(without notice) and locked people out for hours. The elevator hasn't been inspected since 2016 (its 2019) and they lock the stairs from the inside so you can't even use the stairs if the power goes out. The one bed rooms are all the same size and can hardly fit a twin bed yet they allow people to live there with 2-5 Kidd's .the only good things about this place is the rent is very cheap, and all utility's are included but honestly this place isn't worth it. I Strongly recommend looking else where the second my lease is up I will be gone.
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480 Garfield Apartments

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