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500 Station Blvd



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2019
Wow. Theres a list and I've got dozens of pictures to why you shouldn't come here. One thing I'll say is wow the new management that came in should go and do something else besides manage a property. I know little kids who could manage better. And 1600 for a 1 bedroom?! Its not naperville. You're paying for amenities no one uses and I wouldnt even look at the pictures on the site. The dog "park" has hours you can use it because it is on a building. And theres no fun things for them to play. It's just potty spot. No actual off leash park to play in. Another thing is maintenance is terrible. Trash cans dont get changed for like weeks. Grills dont get cleaned. Lights are always out in the hall way. I tried bringing a friend in for referral and they were discussed with lights being out. Profanity written on the walls. There was a maintenance guy driving a golf cart while texting on his phone. Beer cans everywhere on the grass. The grass alone looking like a jungle. Then he talked to trevor in the leasing office and he said straight lied to his face about the pricing. You get fined if you open a door to amenity after hours. And they dont tell you but you pay for a "view". What?! No thank you. If I wanted to spend 1600 it will be on somewhere that will give me my own garage and a 2 bedroom. Not to mention you'll get fined if you keep anything in your garage spot because theres a small space. But they can leave all of there crap that looks horrible.
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500 Station Blvd

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