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Alara at Summerfield



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2002
The worst news of all about The Gables, in my opinion, is that they are constructing a whole new series of buildings across the street, so that they can rent more of what I believe to be overpriced, poorly engineered apartments. From the outside, the property is beautiful (very nice landscaping, quick snow removal, etc.). Unfortunately, the efforts taken to ensure curb appeal -- and therefore greater sales -- are far less evident within the units themselves. The two areas I feel should most concern prospective residents are construction and service quality. These buildings are like giant loudspeaker enclosures that take the most minute sounds and amplify them into the apartments below. To put it simply, if you value privacy, demand a street level apartment. As for service quality, The Gables long promoted its program "CATER" (Customized Attention to Every Resident), which promised to be the apartment-living equivalent of four-star hotel service. This is a hysterical inaccuracy, as far as I´m concerned. Rudeness, false and selective accusations, ridiculous rules and belittling treatment by Gables staff are what I have experienced. As one of the most expensive rental properties in the area, this organization has much to learn about the treatment of its tenants. I would be interested in hearing other tenants´ perspective, particularly on the issue of noise.
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Alara at Summerfield

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