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Autumnwood Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2010
I lived here for one year and the first week I moved in I saw a mouse run through my kitchen. I contacted maintenance and they already had glue traps available (meaning they know they have a mouse problem). I regretted moving in within the first month. Mice droppings were everywhere. When there is one mouse there are 10 more to follow. The police are always on the block because something is always going on. There is hardly any street parking and people are loud all night long. Mice were the biggest problem, followed by the mold in every room. Expect VERY high utility bills because the apartments are poorly insulated. The furnace smells old so the apartment always had a bad smell. If you live in the ranch style apartments the utilities like water and gas are included. But be prepared to freeze in the winter because the heat doesn't get warm enough and the thermostat only goes to 70 degrees. That is not good when the winter temps get to below zero. The water turns brown after a few hours. Expect slow showers and hours of waiting for water in the kitchen sink because the water pressure is low, because 6 apartments SHARE THE SAME WATER HEATER! The walls are paper thin, you can hear everything even when someone is in the shower. Oh and if your neighbor is in the shower, your water pressure will be low and cold. I'm am shocked at the other review on here because they must be content in living in sucky apartments. I wish I could have moved the first moth but of course I was stuck in a lease. As far as being ok as a first apartment its ok if that is all you can afford because it is hard to find places to live that are affordable in West Aurora. But be prepared for horrible and slow maintenance, mold, MICE, poor water pressure, no heat, absentee management and loud noise and drug trafficking. The crazy thing is that there are some people who have lived here for up to 20 years or more and they are content. They don't paint if you live in the apartments for a long time or replace carpeting. One person has lived there 10 years and they just painted the walls, and they look terrible. They used flat pain so the walls look weird and half done. And they have had the same carpet for 10 years! Autumnwood SUCKS. HANDS DOWN. If you live here you are just plain crazy! Be warned.
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Autumnwood Apartments

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