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Colony West Apartments



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Office Staff
FormerRenter1010 • Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/29/2010
We lived here about two years ago (I know this is a late review but cannot allow this to stay 100% with the near mental breakdown I had in this apartment). We called the police on the upstairs neighbors three times in about 6 months (with several reservations since Aurora police certainly have more to do). The office staff informed me that my complaints were not warranted since the person making all of the noise was not on the lease and therefore apparently did not exist. I was on the verge of sleeping in the car to get away from these neighbors (others complained too) but I refused to go outside at night in Aurora. We did not have the money to break our lease and move since we had just moved for jobs. I could not sleep or hardly complete work at home because of the loud neighbors. This is in most apartments but again the office staff did nothing for the people who were not even legally allowed to live there without being on the lease. This is a strike against the office staff which makes all the difference in how you live. It didn't matter that the apartments were ok, even though the ice pushed on the parking blocks on the cost us $500 for a new bumper and $70 because all of the squirrels around chewed the break wires on the car. Also, laundry was always broken. Enjoy pulling your soaking wet clothing out of the washer to put in a new washer and pay or again each time.
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Colony West Apartments

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