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Colony West Apartments



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rhondanwayne6447 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2013
We contacted Colony West looking for an apartment for myself, my husband and my son. We had sold our home and needed a place pretty fast. They agreed to let us rent from them immediately, BUT...after we gave them the ridiculous amount of money they charge for these outdated, not kept up 1960's apartments (or older). They then claimed that because my son (which they knew about BEFORE we moved in) had met a girl just after he turned 18, who lied about her age and got him arrested (she was almost 16 but told him she was 18) He now has to register as a sex offender for 7 more years. Anyway, they claimed they did not allow people like us to live there. Mind you, my husband is a veteran, a retired union electrician out of Dupage Co, and none of us have ever had any run in's with the police EVER until this event with our young son. In fact our oldest son is an ATF agent and has been for years. But WE were not THEIR kind of people! My younger son that has to register as a sex offender has tried to commit suicide in the past thanks to narrow minded idiots like who run these ------ apartments. And prior to him getting this label, he had never even gotten a detention at school, and has never been in any type of trouble after that. So in the dead of winter with me just getting out of the hospital from pneumonia and a blood clot in my lung, and my husband in 6 month recovery from both cancer and a heart attack, these kind people evicted us. Pat in the office is a know it all ----- who lies just to make money for the owners which puts money in her own pocket. And the owners hide behind these halfwits who run it, you never get to meet those cowards!
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Colony West Apartments

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