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Fox Pointe Apts



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
I have lived at fox pointe for about 3yrs now and finally i've had enough. When I looked at the apt. for the first time It was in the middle of the day and no one was out. The first weekend of me living here things changed. People were out all hours of the night and music played until the early morning. Majority of the complex was african american and while i am of the same decent I didn't include myself in the all night parties and such. New managment came and cleared a lot of people out. Even though the apartments are still owned by the same company i have to say the new mangement did help. For a while i felt a little safer,but now a younger mixed crowd has moved in. It's now a mix of black and white and the other night it was back to the same old stuff like when i first moved in. A crowd was out all night drinking beer and throwing cans at cars and they were not gang bangers, but caucasians. As far as things getting fixed as soon as i called the office someone would come right out and fix. Parking sucks after like 9pm, if your lucky and go home sick you can get rock star parking in the front.I have had no roblems with bugs except for these little annoying black flies that fly around at night.I have had 4 neighbors move in upstairs from me and the first and second beat their wife/girlfriend,the third had like 8 kids,and the forth has two kids who run around all night and when i say all night until like 1am. Overall the apartment is spacious for a 2bd 2ba. I would not recommend this apartment to anyone only because the noise outside is out of control and this is by black,white,latino ect. It's just not the safest place to live in i would say.
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Fox Pointe Apts

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