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Hunter's Glen Apartments

245 N Oakhurst Dr

Aurora, IL 60504



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The lies commenced right when I showed up to tour the complex. I was told I would have access to the gym, sauna, and whirlpool when I went for a tour. I get there to move-in and am asked if I wanted to pay a $200 non-refundable "deposit" to have access. Ummm, no? I thought that was included. That lady isn't working there anymore, and it's not hard to wonder why. They also grant you these wonderful "concessions" and cheap first-months rent to reel you into signing a lease. Lesson learned. Parking is a nightmare especially if you work odd hours or are coming home late. Don't expect to be able to park anywhere close to your building. The garages take over half the complex. Even if there is a parking spot, you have to squeeze into their tiny spots and risk having your car slammed into by a car door or scratched by people walking in-between the cars. Also, forget about having multiple guests over as there is only a small row of spots for guests hidden in the back of the complex. Hopefully you don't live close to a garbage dump because not only is there trash/furniture/mattresses surrounding the dump, it can stink pretty badly. There are no lids on the dumpsters so it's bugs galore in and around them. The garbage man likes to come at 5-6am on Saturday mornings too. How thoughtful. Some of the doors don't open properly and you stand there awkwardly trying to insert your key in the knob, and it won't turn. The sidewalks are fairly uneven so you'll probably trip several times, especially in the winter. Then they'll put up signs telling you to watch your step. Gee, thanks for that. Several times I found people's mail from other apartments in my mailbox. I have to wonder how much of my mail was lost due to the same error by the mailman. There is dog crap all over the complex, chihuahua's walking around off-leash, and little kids running in and out of cars. During the winter time, trash fills the pond. There was a green bag of dog crap thrown on one of the roofs. It sat there for at least a few months. You can also hear a nearby train passing at all hours of the night. The tennis court is falling apart. The apartments themselves need a whole make-over as well. "Luxury apartments" as the sign says, is a joke. They are dirty with parts falling off on everything from the blinds (which are very dirty themselves) to the sliding doors to the laundry room. The appliances are about as old as you can get. No microwave and the dishwasher doesn't clean. The washer and dryer are really loud. Don't expect any of your security deposit back either as they'll use that to upgrade various amenities telling you that you didn't clean it properly and surprise, you actually owe us money! Once your lease is about to expire, the office manager will call you several times to see if you're interested in renewing. Once you tell her you are not, she's impossible to get ahold of. On the bright side, most of the staff and maintenance people are nice. Maintenance repairs do get taken care of in a timely manner; however, that doesn't excuse any of the above.
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Hunter's Glen Apartments

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