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Hunter's Glen Apartments

245 N Oakhurst Dr

Aurora, IL 60504



Resident · 2010 - 2015
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Office Staff
If you want to have a choice about your cable TV and internet provider don't choose Hunters Glen. I have lived here for 4 years and when I moved in I had Comcast service from a previous home. When I moved in I found that the Comcast service was less than expected so I switched to AT&T since Hunters Glen hosted AT&T sign-up parties in the clubhouse. My AT&T service became a nightmare because every time I had a service problem I was told I had to upgrade my plan. Soon my basic Internet and TV was costing $200 a month. I got fed up and switched back to Comcast. When the Comcast team showed up to install my service they ran speed checks on my wiring. I was told that the cable wiring needed to be replaced. Comcast said that they would run a line to my apartment but the apartment complex said that it was not allowed because there would be exposed wires in the apartment. I can understand that safety concern and would require any contractor to run the wiring through the walls or under the carpet to a normal outlet box. My problem is when I walk up to the office and pass by apartments with Dish Network cable laying across the porch and drilled into the walls and then I am told that is not allowed. What is the real story? Every home owner knows that they are responsible for the wiring inside their home. Why is that different in an apartment? The manager says Comcast is responsible to the wiring even when she admits that Comcast wasn't the previous cable contractor. Comcast says that the wiring belongs to Village Green. So now it is a he said she said problem. Why can't the to companies work together for the benefit of the customer and tenant? I have had good experiences with the employees here and the maintenance personnel are very friendly. I would just like to have some pride by the management and management company. There was a previous manager here who lived on premises and things seemed to go downhill once she left. Now it is like a training ground for managers before they move somewhere else. There is no continuity of management and at the end of the work day they don't live here. My rent has gone up from $850/month to $1065/month in 4 years for a one bedroom one bath apartment. In my opinion the biggest problem with this complex is that there is no pride in the complex from the residents to the office, except the maintenance people walking the grounds most mornings picking up other peoples trash. This place would be terrific if the residents took some pride in where they live.
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Hunter's Glen Apartments

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