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Hunter's Glen Apartments

245 N Oakhurst Dr

Aurora, IL 60504



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I do not recommend this property. I was very excited when I first moved in to hunters glen. They have an amazing deal if you are a veteran. They sure do make it pretty easy to rent an apartment if you're prior military. Also the gym is pretty nice, and it's cool to say you have a sauna and Jacuzzi at your place. And I can't say enough about the maintenance staff. All very nice and professional. I haven't had that much of a need for maintenance but the few times I did, they were right on top of things. That's about all the nice things I can say about this place. Now for the bad: there's ALWAYS shady people walking around at all hours of the night and day. I have a dog and I walk him very early before work (5a.m.) And sometimes pretty late (12 a.m.) and I'm not exaggerating, there are people walking through the parking lots and in between cars at all hours. Some I recognize and figure they live here but if that's the case, what are they doing walking around at 12 a.m.? others look kinda dirty i.e. homeless/vagrant. Parking is a complete joke. You better be quick when you get home and stay in for the night if you find a spot. If you come home after 10pm from a night out forget it. You're walking a distance to your place. "Visitor" parking spots are scarce and some of the visitor spots are filled with either resident cars or immobile/second cars with flat tires or damage. If you don't have a visible parking tag your car will get towed in a heart beat. I've been towed three times. THREE TIMES in less then a year. That's over $600 in tow fees. The parking tag does not fit the rear view mirror in my brand new car. You'd think management would do something about that. Stickers maybe??? Also spots are tight. My Brand new car already has a door ding on it. I was out one night walking my dog and saw a resident completely ding another residents car when she parked too close to it. She just laughed and went about her marry way. And on more then one occasion I've had to tell kids playing catch in the parking lot to get away from my car and go play in the field. I understand Hunters glen has no control over people's actions but I've already seen my new down stairs neighbors get into a physical altercation. The woman pushing and yelling at the man. They also leave their trash bags in the hallway when they're full. Days later they take it to the dumpster. So that's bad neighbors, shady people walking the streets, awful parking and the threat of towing, and kids and residents dinging your car. I'm looking forward to moving out and turning this place into a memory. I've already warned a few of my military bros about this place If you can afford alittle more, you'd best look else where.
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Hunter's Glen Apartments

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