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Hunter's Glen Apartments

245 N Oakhurst Dr

Aurora, IL 60504



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I have lived there now since for almost 6 months and have had almost nothing but bad experiences when dealing with the property staff. When we moved in we found a number of issues with our apartment and it took maintenance almost 2 weeks to get everything fixed/resolved. Three months after moving in, someone in our building called to have someone else's car towed, and the tow company "accidentally" almost towed my roommates car, which has the parking permit on it, not quite sure how a tow company that is paid to tow cars WITHOUT permits, almost tows a car with a permit, and then drops the car almost in the middle of the road and leaves no notice, the only reason we found out is because someone else saw it happen and let us know. Our carbon monoxide alarm went off at the end of October and when we called maintenance, they made it seem like it was no big deal and they told us to just leave it alone and it would stop eventually, we decided to call the fire department and they showed up within 5 minutes, they detected levels of CO2 up to 91, when 100 is extremely dangerous. They were there about 45 minutes making sure everything was okay, maintenance finally showed up, but never came into our apartment or spoke to us. The next day the staff told us it was common for that to happen, ive never heard of it to be common for carbon monoxide to happen. They didn't do anything except for wipe down our furnace and check our screens. Christmas night I came back to the alarm going off again, when I got to the door there was a tag on the door saying they had been in there earlier in the day for that same reason, all they did was replace the alarm. They told us it was faulty alarms, you can't tell me that 2 different alarms going off on the same day are just faulty alarms, it was clearly carbon monoxide. It took them 4 days till they finally did anything, they replaced our furnace, they showed us pictures, and I can't help but think what might have happened had I not come back Christmas night. They never apologized or admitted fault, all we keep hearing is that it happens, or its common. We were exposing ourselves to carbon monoxide for 2 months and they don't seem to care. It is clearly a business and not a home, the staff there is not compassionate to the fact that these apartments are peoples homes. I would never recommend this property to anyone, and my roommate and I decided about 3 months in that we would not be renewing our lease and will absolutely be moving out at the end of it.
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Hunter's Glen Apartments

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