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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
A hole. $650 for a one bedroom, plus $55 for one indoor parking spot that barely fits a car. The apartment was a mess when we got it. It still had left over food and wine in the cupboards. The underneath of the oven is scary. The cabinets are falling apart. We've had a patch of destroyed ceiling over our toilet since last summer, from the toilet above us leaking, that still hasn't been patched. The walls are cement, so you can't hang curtains or pictures, not with any sort of ease. The wiring and cable wires are as old as time. The plumbing is always backing up. There are ants everywhere. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. They are remodeling right now. But your apartment wont be remodeled unless you want your rent raised, even more than they already did. More likely tho, is that it won't be unless you move out, and they do it for new tenants. And with the new management, you better get paid when your rent is due. Late fee is no matter what, even if you tell them that you get paid the day after it is due and will have it for them as soon as you get home from work. The laundry is coin operated. They just got new dryers, and then raised the price to use them. But also raised the price of the washers. There are 6 washers and 5 dryers, and 110 units, so you better time it right if you want the "good" one. This place is nothing more than a very last resort, which is a sad state of our life I suppose. At least, at first, management was nice. But the new owners have decided that they're going to turn this ------ --- project into a fancy one, and try as hard as they can to drive us out in the process. Gotta clean up the riff raff. Don't live here. The only pro is that it was the cheapest in the area, without the imminent feeling of being shot. But now it's just not worth even that. We're moving as soon as our lease is up, no matter what.
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