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TGM Springbrook



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2015
Well let me do this: Bill & Utilities: There are two kinds of apartments. Old and New. Old one's runs everything in electricity. So on an average non-winter periods, you will end up paying $100-150. During winter $300-$350. Possible Reasons : 1. The reason for the heater to run for the whole day & night is the bad insulation as well. We have a closet in one of our bed room which typically has a temperature of Costco or Sams Freezer. It's not just my apartment I have at least 10 different family friends has the similar issue. We can see air comes out from most of the electrical sockets if you don't plug or cover them. Water and Sewerage will end up paying another $70- $80. 2. We can hear other side of the apartment people talk because of thin walls. Otherwise if you are living in New apartments it should be good. Ground Neatness: I guess it should be associated with Pet loving owners. You should really be pet friendly. oh wait!!! Not just pet. You should be PET POOP friendly too. There were wonderful neighbours who take their dog for a walk and let it poop and won't clean up. You will find it all over. Office won't enforce it at all. Kids have to be real careful or will step on them bring a whole lot of virus and bacterias from the Poop to your apartment. So if you are Pet and Pet Poop lover this is heaven. Safety: So far good place except for few time have seen multiple cop cars in the neighbourhood. Could be domestic issue. Schools: Only thing is good school. Staff : Kind of ok. Sometimes respond to the call. Most of the time :(. If you really want to get hold of them, call from a different phone number other than you have mentioned in the file. Good thing is TGM Remodelled the apartments last year. So if you are planning to move look around other apartments. If the other places if it is $200 more, it's better than paying too much in Other utilities and still being cold during winter and warmer in summer and can stay away from POOPS unless you like to see it every day
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TGM Springbrook

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