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TGM Springbrook



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xena67 • Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/13/2018
I have been living here for almost 3 years. When I first moved in, I loved it here. The buildings were mostly kept up and maintenance response was within a 2 day window. Slowly, it started to change. My building has had many issues with outside door knobs, lights, etc. that slowly if ever get repaired. The door jab from the outside is dry rotted. The light in the back hall has been out for months. The outside sidewalk light has been defective for over 1 year. I called for maintenance after being there for about 5 months because the carpet was unraveling by the front door and by the fireplace tiles. I was told by maintenance that they would have to contact the "carpet guy". Nothing was heard again. I reported it again, and no one responded. I'm moving out and I know that they will end up charging me with replacement of the carpet. The carpet was old, looked very clean when I saw it for the showing. Once I was moving in, I saw some old stains leaching back. Waiting for a lightbulb replacement took too long, so I ended up replacing them when they went out. Rent also increased dramatically. In two years, went from $1345 to $1620!!! I lost my well paying job 2 years ago and have been struggling. Went to talk to the office personnel. Basically told that this was the Market Value. I seriously doubt this in lieu of the conditions of the upkeep of buildings. The pool is closed more often then open, Memorial day weekend end it opened and when we went on Monday (memorial day) it was closed all day for Maintenance. The kids run around the parking lot, up and down the stairs, slamming doors, etc. They actually did finally send out a notice about this. Occasionally they (a couple of times a year) have "resident parties" but the hours are short (2 -3 hours) and the notice is usually on the day or just before so I have yet to attend one because I would have to change my schedule. Food offered is usually a roll and coffee for morning, pizza or sandwich for the evening. The gym is nice, but they only offer one fob to be able to get in. It's a problem with a family. The only thing that I still like here is that the High School is exceptional. Metea Valley.
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TGM Springbrook

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