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ReNew at York

100 George St

Bensenville, IL 60106



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busguy • Resident 2004 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 10/22/2006
I lived in the 130 building.<br><br>The staff were very good. Regina, Karen, Heidi were just fine.<br><br>The tenants were quite friendly. Around half of them would say hi when passing in the hall.<br><br>The 24 Hour laundry was great. There is a laundry on the 3rd and 6th floors with plenty of machines, so there was always a machine available when I needed it. <br><br>There was a garbage chute 50 ft from my door.<br><br>The maintence staff was outstanding. They came the same day or the next. The longest it took to fix a problem was 24 hours. I would call for any little thing. I asked one of the guys if a certain problem was too minor, he said no, he's there to fix anything I need.<br><br>The grounds were great. The streams, ponds, trees, etc. were quite aesthetic.<br><br>I loved the back parking lot. It was very quiet and there were always plenty of spaces. <br><br>The complex is near Ohare, but not under a direct flight path. My apt faced away from it. I rarely heard planes from my apt, and even then they were not noisy.<br><br>I found no odors in the hallways, but occasionally some litter there or in the elevators. This was always gone the next day.<br><br>I liked the separate sheet you had to sign, saying if there was any drug activity your lease could be declared null and void, and you would be asked to leave.<br><br>I slept well at York Brook. The radiation level was low. A sleep problem I had in the past was traced to high radiation levels. I'm one of those people who hate power lines. I even have a radiation meter. <br><br>I got all my security deposit back except for $50 where a part of the carpet was screwed up. I screwed up a tile in the kitchen but was not charged. Also I removed two closet doors (I didn't like the style where they fold out. One out of three was not bad.<br><br>The kitchen was great. I loved the bright overhead flourescent lite. The appliances all worked well were fairly new.<br><br>Downside: Got a little pricey. I had a 1BR w den at $899 (872 sq ft, same as two bedroom)I consider this not bad sq ft for the price. But you had to pay water. I averaged around $23/mo, with the lowest $18/mo, and highest at $33/mo.<br><br>My electric bill jumped. I had the same lights, and the same habits as my previous apt,(except now I had a dishwasher) but it went from $30/mo to $75/mo. The heat is electric. <br>I solved this by when leaving the apt, turn the heat all the way off. Then when I come back, turn it on. It would take 10 min to be back at 70 deg, and I saved $15/mo doing this.<br><br>There is a train track crossing Irving Park Rd at York Rd that irritated me (long freight train)until I learned how to avoid it. The track at York and Green St was not so bad. The trains crossing it were commuter or short. (I never heard a train from the apt)<br><br>Last, it seems anywhere you go, there are a few lowlifes. When moving out,at one time I left alot of things in the lobby area for an hour. A duffle bag w headphones in it was taken.<br><br>But overall, I found York Brook a pleasant place to live. If I didn't move to Cincinnati, I would still be living there.
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ReNew at York

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