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Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2014
HORRIBLE I've never known what a slum lord was untill now. I've paid rent 475.00 every month (PLUS GAS, ELECTRIC THEY EVEN WANT YOU TO PAY YOUR OWN WATER) on time a month in advance once its been four months I start seeing roaches i call ab rental i get no return call so i walk all the way from home 1 mile to try to resolve the major issue ------ says the pest control will be called so he comes when im gone to spray as soon as i return and my company comes back to the home i share now with roaches we both see on crawling on the floor i call ab rentals ------ says im working her nerves by asking why is the pest control solution is not effective and she hangs up on me EXTRA UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE. SO I WILL RECORD MY CONVERSATIONS FROM NOW ON AND WILL PURSUE LEGAL ACTION AS A CURRENT RENTER I RECOMMEND ANYONE TO NOT RENT FROM THIS AGENCY BECAUSE IF U HAVE TO PAY RENT TO SHARE SPACE WITH ROACHES HO DO NOT PAY THEIR HALF AND YOU CANT EVICT THE PEST YOUR LANDLORD SHOULD UNDERSTAND WHY YOU WOULD CALL AS THE PROBLEM PERSISTS PLEASE RENT WITH A GREAT LANDLORD/RENTAL AGENCY YOU'LL REGRET MAKING THE DECISION TO RENT FROM AB RENTALS I KNOW BECAUSE I REGRET DOING SO. THEY DO NOT COME FIX DAMAGES AND THEY DON'T CARE IF THEIR PROPERTY HAS ROACHES THEY JUST WANT THE MONEY, GOD BLESS YOU. TAKE MY EXPERIENCE AS A HONEST FIRST HAND VIEW OF MISLEADING INFORMATION THAT THIS IS A GOOD AGENCY TO RENT FROM IT IS NOT.
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