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Resident 2006 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2011
Where to begin, since weve lived here theres been nothing but trouble from the manager whos a ex drug addict to cheap landlords or should i say slumlords. Its has dirty old nasty carpet, holes in walls nail pops that have been cheaply covered up, to roting floors in upper apartments that have led to other apartments to flood when it rains. They had a good maintenance guy for about three months then they treated him so badly he quit.It was no secret they would call him names and treat him poorly in front of me and other tenants, While he was here he fixed so much stuff we never seen him sitting still, Believe his name was chris? very friendly got the job done, he even helped them get there new 4 wheel drive plow truck. I know that today Something crazy happened with the new maintenance guy i guess and the old maintenance guy had an argument, the new guy stuck a screw driver to chris's throat and threated him in front of his family! He went his apartment called the police, only later to have seen they let him go due to the other worker who covered up and said nothing happened, everybody knows about this. Now this guy is working in my building im worried about what is to come from this Apt. complex i see drug dealing going on across the street i myself have made numerous calls to the police just to see nothing done. I later found out that the drug dealers are friends of the manager Deb Lindsy, who from what i know is a none rent payer herself shes told my sister she owes 3 thousand dollars in back rent ( WHAT !!!! ) this is a scary place to live to have children, They change the rent everytime you get a new lease. The grounds as of lately have been gross with dog poop and garbage. All i see is a little old mexican man sitting on a bucket outside the office fixing nothing. The landlords left the complex after a bed bug scare for over a month tenets all over the complexes have complained, all they did was bring a dog in they were told they had bed bug problem so they just opened all the doors and windows, someone tell me how that fixes the problem ?, they even alow the Chinese people to pay only 550 dollars a month while the rest of us pay 650 on up. something is not right here ive never seen such garbage, even the parking has its perks if you dont mind scratches on your new car or people sitting on them then it wont bother you, and dont bother trying to contact a mager or landlord, after you pay the rent they dont care!!, they have your money thats all that matters!! I hope to see building and safety do there jobs as well as the pest control guy whom they say will be spraying. You feel this review is not fair in anyway just talk to any tenant you wish they all will say the same thing RUN RUN RUN !!!!!!!!!!! THESE ARE BAD PEOPLE !!!!!!!! God bless all those in building 4 we'll pray for you.
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