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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/17/2012
I just moved in these apartments, there not what i thought they were. the neighbor hood is fine. my neighbors smoke weed and stink up the hall way, they play loud music at 3 am. Yes, it comes with a washer, but its so small 1 load is really 3! my dryer sucks, i have to dry everything twice. They didn't paint my walls so there's black soot on them from the fireplace, which doesn't even work now. my porch light doesn't work, the switch for it isn't even in the socket. They sold me this place with out a drain plug, so i cant do dishes. my dish washer has a whole meal of food in it.. they didnt vacuum or clean before i moved in. there were beer bottle caps on my living room floor. everytime maintenance comes here they track dirt all over my floor. I also have killed about 20 spiders the ones that look like black widows and jump... i called maintenance and they said they cant spray call the owner of b&s properties.. ive called 5 times and left messages with my # and apartment building and number.. no call back, its been 2 weeks! my 4 month old cant even sleep in her room there is a small whole in the window which makes that room freezing. the ceilings in my closet creek everytime there is wind. parking is fine, i guess. the only thing about the parking lot is that kids throw rocks at your car windows... along with mud! you cant walk in the grass, theres tons of dog doo, no one cleans up! they also give you building keys because the building is supposed to be locked at all times.. people put rocks in between the door and the wall, then leave it like that all night.. that makes me feel safe THANKS! maintenance doesn't finish anything, the light in the stairs has been laying on the ground propping open the door for a month now.. i went into the stairs the other day and there was a dirty sock, a dirty open diaper, and a potato. ITS NASTY! i have no water pressure, at all! i would get better pressure outside in the rain!
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