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Danbury Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/08/2007
When I moved in it was nice and quiet by my building. Then they have been letting anyone move in. they have been playing the car music so loud that you hear the car shake, the laundery room is another story, better rent or buy one for your unit, and people don't always clean up after their dog and when they mean all dogs, pitbulls are very popular around here. Be care full if you have children, they are dangerous dogs. I will probably be moving with in the year. And the web site says one price but newer buildings pay more like $750 , so after pet fee and cable/internet rent is like $880. I love my apartment, it is nice and clean, new. I like the location, and there are many nice neighbors. But for what I pay I can live similar for ALOT less. Or even buy for less. I left this message in May and it has become WORSE!!! I want to leave but I love this location. We are here for only another year so I guess I will have to deal. But I really would like nice, quiet, respectful tenants. Which it seems will never happen. All the nice quiet ones are moving out because they don't enforse the rules here. And it doesn't seem as safe at night anymore too. Kids running around playing hind n go seek (at 11pm), people drinking in their cars..It looks like the management allows their friends and their friends and so on to live here. I complain with nothing done. And when people leave their dog poo no one cleans it. Not even grounds people. I just read the new post and they are right. People around here, that don't even live in the complex are complaining too. I am warning you, honestly, if you have money don't rent here they only care about the people who the government pays!!! Hopefully it will change.
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Danbury Court

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