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Davis Apartments



Resident · 2002 - 2008
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Office Staff
When I move into davis apartments, I thought the landlord Mrs. Clara Davis was so nice. I found out she's a greedy, ------ cold hearted B. They don't fix any appliances in apartments they want you to pay to fix their own broken down appliances.They will allow other tentants to disturb, harrass you. If your rent is late for any reason they will let the anybody and everybody in the building knows whats going on with you, because they love to gossip.If the rent is late after the fifth of the month they put eviction threats on your door and charge $40.00 late charge. The employees look like crack heads, rapists, killers and theifs and they have these guys coming in and out of your apartment while your not home, these guys have keys to your apartment, If you change the locks then Mrs. Davis demands a key.. These guys look like they have at least 3 felonies. Mrs. Davis will curse at you and talk smart, like she can't get her --- kicked. Mr. Wayman Davis is no better he will try to flirt with you and will curse and try to fight you. Right now he is having an affair with a lady in my building. When he comes over all you here is sexual mouning and grouning in the halls. I'm going to get the hell out once my lease is up, Because I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! If I knew how I'd break my lease legally.
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Davis Apartments

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